Benefits of ASEAN energy market integration: A survey of the literature


This study reviews the benefits of energy market integration (EMI) in ASEAN that have been recorded in the literature. Due to the scarcity of ASEAN-focused studies, the authors examined the studies that either indirectly addressed ASEAN or ASEAN members. A summary of the general benefits is presented in section 1. Furthermore, it elaborates the benefits from five perspectives: trade liberalisation; investment liberalisation; regional energy infrastructure development; energy pricing reform; and liberalisation of domestic energy markets. The study finds significant benefits have been derived from those initiatives, although the benefits may vary among the ASEAN members. Based on this survey and estimation, policy implications are proposed.

Xunpeng Shi, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore

Tri Widodo, Faculty of Economics, Gadjah Mada University

(October 2014)

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